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मेरी जिन्दगी क्यूँ खफा हुई मै सोचा भी नही था कि मेरी जिन्दगी इस तरह मुझसे दूर हो जायेगी पर क्या मै अपने जिन्दगी को सन्तुष्ट कर पाउगाँ

I am going



The Superintendent of Police, District Singrauli(MP).

Subject- An application in respect of land illegally occupied and defamation.
Most humbly I beg to state that I am Chameliya Saket, w/o late Bansh Lal Saket living patrimonially in village-post Barka,Police Station Sarai,Tehsil Sarai,District Singrauli(MP). There is approximately a 5 acres plot of land in a place named Bhath in Barka which is under MP government. My father in-law, late Dalthamhan Saket,during 1960-65 cleaned that land and made cultivable and cultivated untill 2000. After death of my father in-law, my husband cultivated on that land till 2006. But when my husband passed away on 28 Dec.2006, Ramcharan Saket(alias- Dhauhaniya Saket) s/o Ramai Saket defrauded and pressurized me saying that my husband had taken money to give him some piece of the concerned land while there is no any writen certificate of payment nor my husband told me about any agreement or any type of payment. Despite above mentioned conditions ultimately I suspiciously agreed to allot 20 ares area of the concerned land. He built up his house on the land and has been living peacefully but last year he built another house crossing boundary demarcated, on that action we tried to stop him and he promised not to cross again but now he ,breaking all agreements , is diging out a well out of demarcation line.
He is expanding his area continuously and willing to seize entire land. When I, on 12 December 2013, with some villagers including Deputy Sirpanch and Chaukidar, went to stop him to dig out the well illegally and forcibly then he and his big son Lalman Saket abused in very bad language such as mother fucker etc. and threatened to murder. He said that he has two sons and they are physically strong and challenged that I ,widow, can’t do anything against them and also they threatened that we must not go to there on spot otherwise they can commit murder.They are getting profit of my weakness and are defrauding with me. I don’t know about payment,any document or any stamp paper while Ram Charan Saket claimed that he has some witnesses and agreement papers that are totally fake.
My main profession is agriculture including site works to feed the family so if my land forcibly get snatched then I would become helpless.
Hence, I request you kindly pay attention toward this case and make right probe into this case as soon as possible to provide proper and right judgemet. I and my family shall be obliged to you for your right proceedings.
Chameliya Saket
(1) Office of the Collector, District Singrauli(MP).
(2) Office of Magistrate,teh. Sarai,Singrauli(MP).
(1)Deputy Sirpanch ,Gram Panchayat Barka, Singrauli(MP)
(2). Chaukidar, Shivapoojan Panika.
(3). Ward Member, Khelu Saket
(4). Gram Panchayat Aam Nagrik, Bhagwandas Saket.
(5). Dhuja Saket, Nagin Saket and Kedar Saket.

My Public Diary(Rajman Saket)

13/12/2013 /Sunday
I woke up at 6:00 am and got fresh/attended tuition teaching upto 8:00 am for 12th/and for 10th upto 10:00 am/English for both class/FIR against Ram Charan Saket s/o Ramai,nick name Dhaxhaniya and his son Lalman Saket/at 11 :00 am/
Repeated all as done on 13 December 2013. Day was nice/Curfew in Singrauli-continued.

13/12/2013 /Sunday
Today I woke up at 6:00 am and got fresh. Attended tuition class/12th/english/till 9 am/and 10th upto 10:12 am/ FIR against Ram Charan Saket, s/o Ramai filed in Barka Police Office/applicant Chameliya Saket/as they are seizing our land coercely or forcibly/land is under MP govt./my ancestral land/

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